Game Night 11 (10/25/2012)

One for the money

       We had to make trip after trip from the Kobold mine to bring up our reward. It was more money than any of us had ever seen and it was ours. You should of seen the shit-eating grins on all of our faces, you might have thought we just dipped our wicks.
       I was worried the horses weren’t going to make it back to Oleg’s with such heavy loads so we made a slow and deliberate pace back to the post. On our first night out we ran into Vekkel a solitary hunter. It musta been sometime since he last saw someone because he damn near talked Tarquin’s ears off. He had been much farther West than us and told us where to find Jhods’ Temple of the Elk. He also claimed a fearsome piece of bacon, Tuskgutter, was out that way. He stuck with us all the way back to the post.
       Oh boy!!! Was Oleg surprised in the morning when Tabal tactfully returned his spicy wife’s wedding ring. Suprised to the tune of 1,000 gp. Kesten eagerly badgered Megil, Vistos badgered Svetlana, and Jinx just badgered. There were a couple of new faces eating breakfast, Rohn and Bergren, who looked like hunters. They were quick to tell of us of unicorns to the West.
       We set off in the morning for the temple of Erastil to repay our debt to Jhod. Vistos was whining about something in the early morning but that ain’t nothing knew. Before we got to the temple, a Grigg and a Fairy Dragon, played some harmless pranks on us. Fortunately, we recongized the fairies before Tabal murdered them. Unfortunately, Tarquin did not wake us in the middle of the next night to meet an ambush party he heard. I don’t know what he was thinking not waking us. If we get ambushed, Tarquin, will have take a second look deep into his green soul. We were so close to the temple we decided to let the ambush party go.
       The temple was more secluded and overgrown than I envisioned. A big as sin grizzly bear was ready to eat us when we arrived at the footsteps of the temple. At least, I thought it was grizzly but the dang think disappeared after Megil slew it. Never seen anything like it.

Final Thoughts…
What the in the hell I am going to do with all my gold? A problem i like having.


gingersupremacy hormel101

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