Game Night 13 (Nov 8th, 2012)

"I would love to see Cressel try her axes against Tabal!"

Well… I suppose this wish has been granted. ’Tis a shame the woman chose such an advantageous outcropping for our encounter. Watching a boulder-top minion stab Tabal in the neck (repeatedly) left something to be desired as he and Cressel hacked away at each other like barbarians. They both fell. Tabal lived…

I hope Tarquin does not feel used for his healing arts alone. That badger of his certainly knows how to open a vein. Aside from a near death experience with a shambling mound, the bear traps and tardy reporting of our ambushers, he sets a most excellent camp! Still, he conjures at least one of us back to the blush of health on a weekly basis.

Take our return trip to Oleg’s for example – Would the likes of this party take steps to avoid what Vistos described as a, what was it… a bear owl? Of course not! Any kind of bear – grizzlies, the magically possessed and now this – they will not survive our survey of the Greenbelt. Even if Tabal must be pecked half to death, Oligo’s arrows fly, my blade dances, Vistos… well, he must have been suffering some bad stew in his tiny gnome guts… and after it all, Jynx is gnawing out the beast’s thews while Tarquin picks up our pieces.

It turns out that Oleg suffered a scare from Rohn and Bergren who were spotted signaling from the holdfast walls. A quarrel ensued that lead to Bergren’s death and a noose for Rohn at the hands of Kesten and his men. Following our ambush, we suspected they were allied with the Stag. Perhaps this confirms it. To ease Oleg’s nerves we stayed on a few days. Our dear, sweet brigand somehow began a spat with Jhod. Fortunate for his gaping wounds, we had good news for the cleric.

When it came time to set out once again, Oligo had found a passion for the Stag Lord’s blood. That was all it took to rally Tabal before I reminded everyone about Oleg’s next wagons. New steel makes a strong impression on humans. Half of me agrees. So, the past days have been business as usual. Survivalists Tarquin, Oligo, Tabal and even Vistos (everyone, save for one genteel half-elf) forged a path towards un-surveyed forest. Perish the thought that I should ever find myself out here alone! Anyway, while exploring we came across that boar from Oleg’s wanted poster. When Tuskgutter came back to his bed we were waiting. The poor thing crumpled so badly against Vistos’ sturdy frame that a single scratch from each of us was enough. Our bloodlust must have been sated, because we somehow managed NOT to slay a lone boggard and his giant toad later on.


I am tired of this bull shit Whorelord. He continuously uses petty spies and gutless ambushers to do his dirty work. He had two of his spies infiltrate poor Oleg’s Post to signal his minions hiding in the tree lines. Keston did his due diligence but should of kept one breathing. Jinx and Tabal can get anyone to talk. I can’t named one peron who has seen the bastard’s face which is some feat for a fucking bandit. His men most all be dead or deserted by now. He best of fled beacuse if the fool stuck is still in the Greenbelt, I will find him and I will kill him.

Game Night 13 (Nov 8th, 2012)

I’m working on learning a spell that would allow me to communicate to this boggart. I’m sick of not being able to understand what people are saying. I still think the kobolds were lying to us, and taking advantage of the fact that none of us spoke draconic.

Game Night 13 (Nov 8th, 2012)

I’ve never been in a band this long before, especially one where everyone from the start is still alive neither. None of us has even gotten drunk and stabbed the other yet, or sober for that matter. Nobody’s bickerin’ over who’s owed more gold n’ who’s done mosta’ fightin’.

Speakin’ of, I haven’t even seen this much gold before. Hadn’t thought much til’ now, but I don’t have the slightest idea what to do with it beyond a new blade and some better protection ‘gainst the next guy’s. Even then, it’s back to usin’ it to get even more gold. What’s a man t’ do?

Guess we’ll be goin’ after this Staglord next, or soon enough. Thinkin’ on how many o’ his men we’ve graved so far, I’m bettin’ if he’s still the ‘king’ of these lands, he’s got barrels more in his little castle, and even more gold.

We end up survivin’ that one too, Im’a have to sit down and think about what to do with all this money.

…Ah, to hell with it, I’ll just keep fightin’ til I got me a pile big enough t’ sleep on like a big flaming dragon.

Game Night 13 (Nov 8th, 2012)
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