Game Night 14 (11/29/12)

I'm Keen On Exploring

After our run in with the seemingly peaceful boggard we continued to explore this “interesting” land. At the edge of the forest we came upon a statue to Erastil. I’m not sure why everyone in these neck of the woods would worship such a creature, but I’m guessing Stagman is trying to pass himself off as directly connected to him. Such tricks won’t work on someone as bright as me.

After our extremely restful nights rest around this statue we continued exploring the other side of the woods. One of the tall ones happened upon the burial place of a barbarian. They then dug him up for his treasure. While it seemed like a weird thing to do, these bunch do seem to have some sort of obsession for shiny things. It’s probably why they get along with those ungodly kobolds so well.

After exploring the plains we were about to head back to Oleg’s through the forest when we saw 4 more of those damn trolls again. While my protection can definitely help handle one of these gruesome beasts, there’s no way I could take on all 4. We then decided to explore the rest of the norther part of the forest, and hope these brutes wouldn’t cross our paths again.

It was here that we found the head of the skunk river. It turns out that part of the reason the river smelled so bad was that it was infested with giant frogs. After quickly dispatching these unworthy foes I decided that they didn’t present enough of a challenge, therefore they probably didn’t taste delicious.

After finishing our exploring we traveled unhindered back to Oleg’s post. When we got there, the rest of the group loaded up on the gear they purchased. Olio and the big dumb one apparently ordered new weapons, while the big dumb one got new armor (so hopefully he won’t be as squishy). I didn’t see Megil pick anything up, but I wasn’t paying that close of attention. After seeing what could happen to my friends when I’m not paying that close of attention in battle, I decided to order a CLW wand in case the druid decides to do something stupid.

I figured that Jhod might find my discovery of a statue to his god interesting, and it turns out that he did. He found it so interesting he wanted my protection, and to show him where the temple and statue were. I figured I still owed him one for fixing up Megil and the big dumb one, so I agreed. On the way the group wanted to see our fae friends again, which proved uneventful. Though, for some reason after our encounter Jhod was crawling with insects for a time. When we arrived at the temple Jhod decided he needed a bath, and he took it right in the fountain! I guess I’ll never drink from that water again, no matter how tasty it used to be. We almost had to pry Jhod away from the temple, he was starting his plans to restore this place for some reason.

When we arrived at the statue Jhod immediately started praying, and all of a sudden there was a flash of light. I’m not sure what that was all about, but I’m pretty sure Erastil was paying homage to my immense power. Jhod seemed satisfied with our trip at this point, and we made our way, uneventfully, back to Oleg’s.


Oleg finally came through for me and delivered my new composite longbow. If all goes to plan I might dub it the “Whore Slayer”.

Game Night 14 (11/29/12)
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