Game Night 17 (12/20/12)

Half-Elf, Half-Rabbit

So after the resounding success of our first attempt to gain access to the Stag Lord, we decided to have a more formal plan. We were going to attempt access through the hidden door Megil and Oligo found, and barring that we were going to have Oligo climb the wall and send us rope down to help the rest of us climb up.

We decided to go by the cover of night in order to avoid detection. As we were rounding the fort we saw 2 people escaping the fort, they must have heard that I was coming. To make a boring story short, Megil helped us avoided detection getting to the door, and opened it. However, when opening the door the guards did manage to hear us and got a couple shots off on Oligo.

We found ourselves in a room that was obviously meant to hold things at one point, but nobody had been there for a great while. Megil helped us get out of the room without detection again, and that’s where things got interesting. There was a long and bloody battle that ensued. It started with us dispatching a few bandits relatively easily. Then Megil decided to take things in his own hands and jumped onto a 15 foot ledge, making it look so easy a caveman could do it. He then cleaved a giant barbarian in 2 with one shot, making a bunch of the bandits flee in terror. While Megil was having his own adventure, the rest of us destroyed the bandits on our level. As Megil was chasing down the last bandit in sight (having once again jumped over 15 feet onto a bridge), 2 things happened that almost worried me.

  1. Megil chased the bandit down the stairs, which riled up a dozen or more bandits, including one Falgrim Sneeg
  1. The Stag Lord showed up, and started tearing the shit out of us.

The Stag Lord proved to be almost as spry as Megil, and he started almost dancing around on the roof where Megil jumped to. One of the prettier bandits pushed Tabal off the ledge as he was trying to climb up to get to the action, but then he seemed to be betrayed by one of his own, and the pretty man pushed on top of Tabal. The betrayer then started attacking the other bandits.

In the end, this battle was won not with steel and badgers, but with magical blades and wands. Not that stupid cure wand I got from Oleg. It’s probably defective, so I gave it to Tarquin to try and use. But with good, old arcane magic.

We managed to finally take out the Stag Lord, save the turncoat, knock out, but not kill Falgrim Sneeg, and take out all the bandits who didn’t flee from my might. The only real casualty was the Stag Lord knocking Megil unconscious right before Oligo put a couple arrows into his eyes.

Once again, the group was lucky to have me there to protect them. With a little more work, Megil could be almost as powerful as me, but his limits of having to use a sword will never let him surpass me.


gingersupremacy Vistos

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