Game Night 8 (10.3.12)

Deals with Lizards and dealing with evil buleberries

Leaving the stink of the troll behind, we continued our journey, happily, uneventful for a couple of days. We came across a large, single tree in the middle of a clearing. The tree, itself, looked to be well past it’s good rings. It was noted that something else was moving near the tree. It looked to be infested with wild, evil blueberries known as Mites. We decided to avoid the tree for the time being, but we will probably come back to it. The following day, I spied an opening to what looked to be a mine. Inside the mine, there was another of the evil blueberries caught in a cage. I looked to free the creature when a Kobold popped it’s head around the corner. Upon seeing us, the rather pathetic creature tossed its spear down and begged to not be killed. We proceeded to parlay with the creature and found out that the mites had taken their statue of “Sharptooth” their god. Along with this, we found out that they are suffering from some sort of disease. We decided to help, with the promise of reward. The next day, we traveled back to the tree to search for the statue. We found an entryway tunnel into the tree. Our first encounter was a pair of the mites. They seemed to be shooting caltrops into the other one’s mouth and were eating them. We are not dealing with high intelligence here. Following the path further into the roots of the tree, we killed four more Mites and saved a Kobold named “Paddy-wack.” We climbed down further into the depths and came upon a chasm with vines to crawl across. Miguel decided to leap across it. As he jumped he was nabbed like a wide receiver (what?) by a large centipede. A battle ensued… and most of Miguel’s guts were spread across the ground… but we were successful.


I still think that helping the kobolds is a mistake. Kobolds are an evil race, and any kind of deal we make will eventually end up with them betraying us. The best way to handle them is to kill every last one of them, which has the added benefit of giving us access to a silver mine.

Game Night 8 (10.3.12)

Well that crazy bastard Bokken was right about something after all. Mites and Kobols are having a little war. Not sure if it counts as a war if you don’t care who wins. Can you believe what the war is over? Not land, not riches, not women, but a statue of all things.
Not sure why we took the Kobolds side. Well hell yes I do they got a god damn silver mine!!!
Turns out, Mites can be tough little bastards to fight on their home turf. Doesn’t matter though, Tabal and me are excellent mite exterminators. Vistos ain’t half bad either though I think he would rather be melting Kobolds. Should be short work to the statue unless the mites are hiding a bigger centipede.

Game Night 8 (10.3.12)
gingersupremacy Farticus

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