Game Night 9 (10/11/12)

It's just a flesh wound!

After I heroically saved Megil from his centipede situation, we decided to cross the chasm using the rope. The mites obviously didn’t find the first 2 humans to cross much of a threat, because they only decided to challenge us when I crossed. It turns out that my saving Megil was almost a waste, because he decided to dance his way to the front only to get his ass handed to him by a giant tick. After a minor personal setback that may have skewed my vision for a few seconds we were victorious over the mite leader.

After the battle we found this devil looking statue on a table. The curious thing is, after we found it Mick Mack cried out against his own leader. After my expert interrogation I found out that if were to dispose of this purple abomination we might be doubly rewarded. As an interesting side note, there doesn’t seem to be anything magical about the statue whatsoever. Also, on the table with the statue was a sheet of paper where the mites were keeping track of the spoils of war. It says the kobolds stole some magic dust, and a human ring that hopefully belongs to svetlana.

It was around this time that I remembered Megil was taking a nap, and decided to see if one of the potions we got was a healing potion. It turns out that one of them was, and I was able to revive him.

On our way back to collect our rewards we discovered Megil was diseased by that tick creature and was getting weaker every day. With no way to help him ourselves we rode back to Oleg’s to receive help from that cleric that was there last time. I doubt that he’ll ever be able to dance the same again.


Jhod Kavken’s limits as a healer have been pushed by Megil Salka’s wicked bite wounds. Who knows how long it will take for the disease to leave his system? How many prayers to Erastil before the young man recovers his strength… if ever? Jhod replaces the cold rags on Megil’s forehead and, once again, notices the subtly pointed ears beneath greasy black hair. Do the others know?

Megil spins powerlessly in fever dreams. His mother is whirling about him holding her elven curve blade opposite a featureless man – his own fine saber fluid, and stance resolute. Suddenly, a terrible fiend disturbs their waltz with cruel strokes of a monstrous sword. Wild men fire lightning from their nostrils and unleash fell beasts. Finally, an eldritch giant looms over the assembly to peer at Megil’s very soul… All is tranquil as Kavken affords himself a moment of deserved rest.

SLAM! The door swings shut prompting Jhod’s overturned chair. Apparently the infirmed remains quick. Megil finds his friends supping at the fort’s tables that evening… morning… how long has it been? His sickly knees falter as he humbles himself, knowing what must be done.

Bowing next to Tabal, young Megil begs, “Teach me great one.”

Tabal states, “About damn time you came ‘round boeh!”

“Ahem,” coughs Vistos. “Oh Tabal, your muscles make it difficult for you to understand that the human is obviously speaking to me.”

“What did you just say?” postures Tabal as Megil surprisingly affirms the gnome.

Game Night 9 (10/11/12)

Lessons Learned from a Bowman:
- Fighting in the dark sucks
- Fighting in a dark cave sucks more
- Fighting in a cramped dark cave sucks more
- Fighting in a cramped dark cave against a disease ridden giant tick sucks more
- Fighings in a cramped dark cave against a disease ridden giant tick for a statue sucks more.

Game Night 9 (10/11/12)

I love it Blake, you are boundless.

Game Night 9 (10/11/12)

A little demonstration on what Vistos’ bleeding eyes looked like…

Game Night 9 (10/11/12)

The mites were a bit more trouble than I had expected, a real pain in the ass actually. Seems they keep giant ticks or somesuch vermin as mounts. Diseased ones at that. Monstrous beast took a bite out of Megil. Rusty crap ate Megil down to the bone. We had to drive the horses all the way back to Oleg’s just so the poor boy didn’t die on us. In the old days, my crew would have just let a downed man lie and meet his maker. Looks like life is softening up. Now we’re at Oleg’s again, and Megil got some attention from the cleric there. Looks like he’s going to make it through. His muscles rebuilt, he’s ready to go again…sort of.

Game Night 9 (10/11/12)
gingersupremacy Vistos

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