Trading Post Consignment Items


List of items from the bandits (Extra items)

2 short shorts (crappy)
1 dagger
2 rough leather armor
2 long bows (meh)
4 days of trail rations
2 alchemist fire
Silver Amulet (Stag)
50 arrows
4 horses

Other Assets: Tabal’s swingin’ cod

Items currently on our persons (Tabal is probably carrying most of them)
1 potion: Shield of Faith

2 set leather armour
3 long bows
30 arrows
3 short swords
Pair silver earning
Wooden music box
Finely polished wooden case (Greenish herbal liquid) 8 bottles Liquor)

3 morningstars
Silver amulet
Scrap of paper: claw shape tree on a hill… X marks the spot under the tree’s roots.
4 tiny Kobold Spears
Spell Book
7420 cp
2453 sp
Masterwork lt shield
7 crossbow bolts masterwork +1 flaming
Leather bag at mite’s layer
Magic pouch Dust of Illusion
Personal Journal
1000 gp credit at Oleg’s

Gem (50-100 gp)
Masterwork Leather
2 Silver amulet
2 masterwork hand axes
3 Long Bows
5 set repairable leather armour
1 studded leather
4 bear traps


Trading Post Consignment Items

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