Game Night 7 (9/20)
Trolls & Undead Tolls
While charting our maps across the plains, we learned they do make things bigger down south. Late one night, a wolf big as a whorehouse mamma felt like making trouble. Caught us in the middle of the night, but I was able to ferret him out of the darkness. Megil took care of it for us, nearly took that worg across ’is knee, and broke it in half right in front of me.

Couple days later, we came to a place called “Nettle’s Crossing”, on the river. I’ve seen a lot in my days, but I’ll say what I saw nearly made my breaches wetter than the river it crawled out of. A man, a dead man, crawled out of the river and came shambling up to with, lookin’ just like he was about to tell us the good news ‘bout Abadar. Always thought clerics were full o’ shit when talking about “undead”. Must be some powerful stuff, this dark magic, ’cuz this “Nettle” was falling apart all over, rotten inside and out. Gods, the smell!

“Bring me the Stag Lord, or join me,” he said, over and over, actually. My fear was soon boredom, but Megil stepped in with some wisdom and said the best choice was to go for the Stag Lord. We agreed, I guess, to bring the dick lord to Nettle, eventually, lest he “bring us down to join him in ’is watery grave” or some such unholy fate. We left.

Later, off in the distance, Tarquin spotted somethings very big. After some squinting, four gods-damned trolls showed up in sight. Megil said it would be a good idea to go around. I was looking for some excitement, but he put his little hand on my shoulder, and just shook ’is head. The next day played out showing Megil had the right idea.

The details are fuzzy for me, likely ‘cuz the troll hit me first, last, and middlin’. But one of the big monsters found us. Megil unleashed a wave of melee I have not seen in life. Back and forth he danced, bleeding that troll like pig on the rag. I"d have been impressed with all his dodges if the Troll didn’t decide to hit me more after. Despite Megil’s onslaught, Oligo got the killing blow, right in the heart.

Trolls, turns out, heal fast. Our lucky gnome used his gnomish magic to burn the big’n back down, and keep ’im down. Good gnome.

I’m fine. bleeds all over.

Game Night 6 (9/13)
I won't boar you with the details

Oleg’s trading post was ripe with people. People wanting stuff. Hey, if they were willing to pay, I don’t mind obliging if we come arcoss what their after.

First was Jhod, a guarded cleric of Erastil, looking for his Elk temple. I respected men of the cloth of Erastil even the unforthing coming ones like Jhod. I hoped we would come across the temple for him, but I also secretly hoped the temple would be full to the rafters of treasure that wouldn’t be missed. Secondly, the nobleman Keston had some business with Megil. I saw those two making eyes at one another the first time they met. Megil told me later, Keston, was not a lady but a man who liked to slum it with peasant girls. No wonder the privileged fool was down here in the woods instead of getting his rich ass kissed by vassals in Brevoy. Anyways, he wanted the man who betrayed him, Falgrim Sneeg. He promised his family’s fine weaponry in exchange for the traitor. Falgrim better of fled to the Whorelord because his life will end if we meet him. Lastly, Oleg told us of Bokken the potion peddler and the Kobold tribes to the east. We decided to go east the next morning to meet Bokken and maybe survey the Kobold movements.

Bokken was fucking crazy. Not the court jester crazy or the wise crazy but the bat-shit crazy. It wouldn’t suprise me if that guy ate his own hair. Vistos had an eerie understanding with the old nut. Bokken wanted fang berries even though Tarquin said those berries were more useless than tits on a bull. Damn crazy people. One thing he told us that could be true was that a war has started between the Kobolds and Mites. What in the hell are Mites?

As luck would have it, Tarquin, located the tree clawing at the sky a few days ride south of Bokken’s hut. Jinx easily uncovered the treasure wrapped in an old cloak. Nothing impressive but at least the junk would fetch some modest coin at Olegs. As we were excavating our find four snarling boars came to protect their turf. It was the perfect chance for me to test my new skills on their thick hides. I can proudly say I landed 7 of 8 arrows deep into boar flesh. Bacon never tasted so good unless your Megil!


Final Thoughts…
This job is easier then making bacon. Gotta love these woods, everywhere we venture gold is lying around for the taking. No wonder the Whorelord whores around these parts.

Game Night 5!

So I joined this group of “heroes” a couple weeks ago, and boy are they lucky to have me. For example, last week we were face to face with something called a tassle worm or something like that. Through feats of actual heroics that I won’t go through here I was able to pretty much single handedly slay the gruesome beast. The only blemish to my kill was the stupid badger who had to rip out its heart as I was about to perform my killing blow.

As far as my party goes, I’m certain I’m the only competent one here. There’s this one guy who just starts dancing around every enemy we face, as if they will start laughing themselves to death. Then there’s the big dumb one who is only good at taking hits from bears. There’s the one who seems to belong to the stupid badger, who only seems to be good for healing the big dumb one. Lastly, there’s the guy who only seems good at finding places to camp. I’m not sure any of them had ever eaten a decent meal before I joined.

Also, I’m fairly certain everyone here is afraid of the dark. First they tie me up and lower me into a cave to make sure there’s no boogeyman down there. Then two nights in a row they wake me up to watch a bouncing light, which wasn’t even there the second night. I thought night lights were supposed to be comforting to humans.

The final thing worth mentioning was we found a huge patch of moon radishes. Also I guess there were some kobolds that I let my allies dispatch to make them feel good about themselves. After that we decided that the big dumb one smelled too bad and we needed to go back to Oleg’s in order to let him bathe. As we got there I noticed a person I’ve never seen before. At least I think he’s new, all these humans do kind of look alike.

Game Night 4
As we sat down for a warm meal with Oleg and Svetlana, we were interrupted by hired swords to help guard the trading post. This has been a slight concern for me due to our fight with the bandits. What if our interference would cause them to strike back at Oleg and Svetlana. Sometimes, that’s the way things work out in the wild, but they have been more than kind to us and I’d rather not see any harm befall them. Also, I believe Jynx has taken a toleration with Svetlana. She’s even scratched him under his chin. That is a first. Best I can do is scratch him with my staff.

We headed out the following morning to start on our mapping duties we were also commissioned to do. The first day was uneventful. As we set up camp, we talked with fur trader on his way to Oleg’s. He gave us some more information about the bandits (insert it here).

The next day, Jynx and I felt like there wasn’t something right about the ground around us. As Jynx moved forward, a large arachnid attacked for him from its fowl hiding spot. We dispatched the large spider quickly. I will need to make a future note to the camouflage used by the Trap-door Spider for future reference. It may come in handy. We found some treasure inside of the small lair along with a few desiccated bodies. On one of the bandit bodies, we found, what looks to be a treasure map. Sadly, the landmark does not do us any good at this time.

Most recently, we stumbled upon a hurt bear. It roared at us immediately. Obviously he was on the defensive due to his wound. Tabal took the roar as a challenge and roared back at him. This set off the bear’s rage even further. I attempted to calm the bear and show we mean no harm, but it was already too late. The rage had taken over and the bear charged. I felt that this could be the end of us. One well placed slash by Tabal, and the bear was gravely injured and lost its wits about him, but not before he retaliated with a mauling a Tabal. The rest of us joined in, including Jynx hanging off of the bear. A few tense moments later, and the bear fell. I felt that there could have been a better way to reach the bear, but there was little we could do but kill or be killed. I will prepare a prayer for its spirit. I just hope we’ve learned from this encounter to not always incite the perceived threat immediately. There are other ways of dealing with threats, especially those from the wyld.

Game Night 3
Troubling Toads

Turns out one of the pissant thieves lived. Turns out they also had a little captive all tied up in a sack. Soon as we hashed out whether or not to let the shit live, Tarquin made sure he didn’t bleed to death, and then we got to work on the little bundle of Gnome. Yeah, turns out it was a gnome. Says his name is Vistos or something; that the thieves held him up. Stupid bandits, gnomes are made a’ magic, not money. Lesson learned too late, I reckon.

Anyway, we decided to make our way east out of those fuckin’ woods and make way back to Olaf’s. Tarquin and Oligo made our way through the woods easy enough, but all I wanted was blood. Speakin’ o’ which. The shit we carried with us, called Smits, didn’t say much. Figure he was too scared of death to give up much information.

We hit the road about midday, and lady luck just happened to catch a whiff of my salty link and decided to take a lick and chomp. Giant fucking toads or something, boggards they called em, ran up and started biting our shanks. God’s truth, gnomes may be made of magic but this one couldn’t aim for shit. After some blood and spite, we had our way with the little toad-monsters.

I need a drink.

Game Night 2

Happs had nothing more to offer, even after we topped him off with Leveton’s wine. Instead of accepting our sound offer to sniff out his employers, the dog fled, but Tabal pummeled him to the ground outside the gate.

Oleg would rise with the sun in preparation to hang the unfortunate bandit as was his right by law. Immediately after, Tarquin spake some green mysteries before the dead man had his last say. Happs spent his final word condemning Tabal as the ropes went taught. You should have seen the brigand’s sneer (and I’m not speaking of Happs).

The ride south from Oleg’s trading post was a quick, sore misery without much pause for food and drink. However, Oligo and Tarquin had very little trouble by the look of it. (I think they were born out here.) They found the bandits’ marks eastward up the Thorn River and tied off the lathered horses. We could have moved upstream like deer were it not for Beliac. I don’t believe he’s one to bother softening his steps.

Of course Tabal’s ruse to join their ranks would fail! The men who escaped last evening had seen our faces, but the brute’s brash nature lured them out of ambush anyway so that the rest of us weren’t taken unaware. Oligo, along with Tarquin’s rabid animal, pressed the nearest archer on his risen platform as the druid rustled the weeds and hedges once again. While dancing to test Cressel’s acclaimed axes, I glimpsed Tabal abandoning his shield only to chop straight through a man with his great sword… gods!

The shock of it, together with my saddle-weary legs, left me unprepared for Cressel. I did not witness the heft of her axe sinking into my back, but my pained body was already in motion. If she tracked the whirling blade’s approach, it wasn’t quick enough. I know not why, but it remains my good fortune that she departed after our first exchange.

I took cover beneath a young oak to conjure my wounds away. Oligo and another raised archer continued to trade arrows. That demonic varmint of Tarquin’s had routed his quarry from his roost; and I swear to you I saw it fly, a blur in the air, chewing out a man’s throat in passing! Never have I seen or heard of such methods in battle.

My liege was a hard teacher, but mother hadn’t shown me the bitter taste of steel through muscle and bone. After a quick heal, my rhythm and fight were gone. I couldn’t even prance through Tarquin’s briar that had stalled several bandits during the fray. So, the others monitored the bandits’ retreat and gathered the spoils. Next time I will be faster. I would love to see Cressel try her axes against Tabal!


Nerd Night 1 - 07/16/2012
Day 1

Hi Guys,

I don’t really know what I am doing but wanted to say I had a blast last night. Feel free to add.


Oligo’s Point of View…

The wagon ride was long and shitty but at least there was plenty of drink and good company. The time had come to move south away from the wanted posters and the charter provided the ride. We could be heros or bandits, it didn’t really matter as long as we all got along and got the job done. I trusted the men in the wagon with me. We have had each others back for awhile now. There was Tabal the red-nosed mercenary as dangerous as they come. Megil the arrogant swordsman from a far off land. I didn’t like his accent much but respected his steel. Tarquin was a lot like me execpt he was touched by nature and a rabid badger followed him around. Our bond was forged from our adventures in the north, but the time had come to move on.

The wagon left us at a miserable place. A shitty little trading post run by a man and his wife. I honestly didn’t understand why a fetching woman stayed with such a coward complaining of bandits the instant we arrived. He begged for our help. Tabal the drunk bastard pledged our steel. I think the brute was just trying to lay with the man’s wife.

The bandits came the next morning. Five in total on beaten down horses. They looked more like vagabonds than the cruel bandits Oleg feared. The leader, if you could call him that, looked fancy with his tanned leather armor and lacquered bow. Our plan was simple, Tarquin would use his natural gifts to entangle them in the courtyard and the rest of us would attack with sword and bow. I took the highground and perpared to strike like a hawk from above. I had never fired my bow at another before and my first arrow grazed the fancy man. Tabal cut one bandit in half from nose to cock. I later saw the jealousy in Megil’s face of such a gruesome feat. Tarquin’s badger, Jinx, savagely bite into the fancy man’s leg which gave me the angle to stick an arrow in his back. With their leader fallen, the other bandits fled from our brunt assualt on horseback and foot. I have never seen a man move more swiftly than Megil in my life! He looked like sprinting deer and out ran even my arrows. He easily sliced deep into the back of a fleeing bandit before my last arrow ended the poor fool’s life.

The fancy man lived and told us what we wanted to know about his gang after some gentle coaxing from Megil, Tabal, and Jinx. I took his bow as my prize.

Final thoughts…
Bandits my ass more like feeble old men. If this was all the untamed stolen lands had to offer then this was going to be easy. Stagglord or Whorelord its not going to matter when my arrows fly.

Oligo Tychi

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